Avsitter2 Mini Review

So, I had this selfie mirror that gives u a folder with some phones for the poses and I wanted to make it simpler for the user so I decided to tweak the thing to give the phones as temporary attachments. The problem is that the dialog that request permission for the attachment gets hidden below the mirror's animation menu and there seems to be no option to prevent this menu from poping up everytime you select a pose.

So I thought that AVsitter2 will have some solution for this and finally decided to sit and read the new website with instructions. Well, AVsitter does streamline the process of seting up poses a bit but it does not solve this issue of hidden dialogs below the animation menu. So I had to think on a way to alert the user to look under the animation menu for the attachment notice. This is the best solution so far.

Meanwhile I found these improvements of AVsitter2 over the previous version:

* Avi does not get unsited when you click to rez the Helper. It automatically gets hoocked to the helper so you can adjust that right away.
* Scripts checks if your props have the right permissions
* More usefull examples in the new website
* You can rez many props with a single pose (Prop plugin sold separately)
* Prop plugin supports temporaty attachments and can work in items without seats as a standalone prop rezzer.

These are the things I found are not so cool about this new version os AVsitter:
* When you move a sitted avi adjusting the helper stick, you only get to see the new position of the avi just when you release the stick, so avi does not move while you move the stick as before.
* Not so cool advertisement poster as before :(
* Seems that the old MTYPE 1 option is missing, so I found no way to have an item to change poses just upon clicking the seat.