Fixing MP3 Rating Issue in PlayerPro

I noticed there are some mp3 files that are particulary tricky to get them ready to be rated in PlayerPro. You will recognize these files only when vieweing their Track Details from the View Details option in PlayerPro. Their Header info is blank and also all other tags except for rating tags, although that rating tags do not always get displayed right by PlayerPro.

I could not find any way to tell these trouble files appart from other "ready-to-be-rated" mp3 files using other tools like Mp3tag or MediaInfo but eventually I found the source of the problem.

Upon syncing files to my portable device, MediaMonkey was altering the files somehow and rendering them unable to be rated. If I replaced the synced file in the device with a copy from my desktop computer manually, without using MediaMonkey sync feature, that file (the original file) had no issue being tagged a rating. I figured out MediaMonkey was doing something wrong when taggin the files prior to synchronization.

So, the best thing to do here is to go to your device profile in MediaMonkey, open the Options tab, clic on Tagging settings and deselect the following options:
  • Copy Artwork to file tags
  • Remove images from tags if larger than
  • Use only the first Genre when...
  • Use only the first value when multiple Artist...

Now rating your synced files will work as expected.

Finally, you can use MediaMonkey Sync Back Ratings extension to do just that without having to sync back the whole mp3 files.