Quickly Post Twitter Update

I hate the tiny "post" button on the official Twitter app for Android, and every other Twitter client in the Android market. They force you to stretch your thumb up there and try to land your finger right over that tiny square.

Besides, when I want to post an update, I rather don't be distracted by the tweets in my timeline. So I hate that most Twitter clients for Ancroid display the timeline by default upon launching them.

Looking for a direct way to post Twitter updates from Android I've found that Quick Post by Hedami is the best solution, but it's not free. I would gladly buy it if I had a credit card or Paypal payments are available in my country but that's not the case.

So, finally I found a free solution, ideal for posting text only updates with no thumb stretching required. Just send this link to your email inbox, open it in the default Android web browser, bookmark it, and then add a shortcut to that bookmark in your home screen. Check the option to always open it with the default browser if you want it to open faster.