Interpersonal Augmented Reality

Imagine using the power of augmented reality not just for places and monuments but also to get public information on people arround you. Let me give you some examples and then I will explain how does the tech work.

Do you want to know the name of that girl standing 30 feet away? Just launch the  interpersonal augmented reality app in your smartphone and point your smartphone at her. Wait for her silhoutte on the screen to turn greenand tap  the "social" button. Then you will have access to her public profile. Now you know her name, that she is looking for a partner to split the rent of her student apartment and her skype id.

Do you want to know your new neighbors before showing up at their porch saying hello? Just use the same app and point at any of them to check on their public profile. If they don't share any meaningful details at least you will know they are not of the social type.

You've found a strayed dog? Just point your camera and get the id, including the owner address and phone, and if the dog needs some medicine. It will be mandatory for pets to have implanted a non-user programable id chip, so owners could be prosecuted if their pets cause accidents, bite people or abandon the pet irresponsibly.

You don't have to get near the pet or person you want to identify because the interpersonal augmented reality app, instead of relying in short range network technology like bluetooth, combines the power of assisted GPS, gyroscopes in your smartphone and a built-in laser meter to know where you are standing, in what direction you are pointing your smartphone camera and the distance to the focused subjetc, which all combined will get the exact the location of the focused subjet and hence the corresponding public profile URL.

Note: I also published this idea at TED.com conversations.