HowTo Set Up Hard Disk Active Protection System in Linux Mint 9

Setting up the hard disk active protection system in your laptop will help you protect from data loss. ‬It stops the hard disk from spinning and parks its head whenever the built-in gyroscope detects a certain level of vibration or a brusque change of angle, ‬like when your laptop is starting to fall.
  • Download tp_smapi-0.40.tgz from ‬here
  • Extract ‬the archive, ‬open a terminal in that folder and ‬proceed to install: sudo make install HDAPS‭=‬1
  • Update your initramfs: sudo update-initramfs ‬–u
  • Update grub menu and restart:
sudo update-grub
sudo reboot
  • Install hdaps-utils package. ‬It includes the hdaps-gl command which will show a ‬3D model of a laptop reacting while you tilt your laptop.
There is also a gnome panel applet that shows a status icon and indicates when the protection is engaged.
  • To compile the applet you need to install first: ‬libpanel-applet2-dev
  • Download the source archive from here
  • Compile the applet using the following command line:
gcc ‬$‭(‬pkg-config ‬--cflags ‬--libs libpanelapplet-2.0‭) \
-o gnome-hdaps-applet gnome-hdaps-applet.c
  • Make the applet executable: chmod ‬-x gnome-hdaps-applet
  • Copy the compiled gnome-hdaps-applet file to ‬/usr/bin: sudo cp gnome-hdaps-applet /usr/bin/
  • Copy the icons:
sudo mkdir ‬/usr/share/pixmaps/gnome-hdaps-applet
sudo cp *‬.png ‬/usr/share/pixmaps/gnome-hdaps-applet/
  • Copy the server: sudo cp GNOME_HDAPS_StatusApplet.server ‬/usr/lib/bonobo/servers/
Finally ‬Restart and add applet to Gnome panel if it is not already there.
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