How To Share a Local Dropbox Folder Between Windows and Linux

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You have a dual-boot system, Dropbox installed in both Windows and Linux and want to have just one local copy of your Dropbox folder.

Dropbox for Windows insists on naming the local Dropbox folder as "My Dropbox" while Dropbox for Linux insists on naming it just "Dropbox".

For example if you wanted to have Dropbox for Windows store your Dropbox in path/Dropbox it will create a "My Dropbox" folder inside; the same happens in reverse for Dropbox for Linux.

The solution, if you already had Dropbox installed in Windows and wanted to install and set it up in Linux sharing a single Dropbox folder, is to create in Linux a symlink like this:

ln -s "/mnt/media/My Dropbox" /mnt/media/Dropbox

Obviously, /mnt/media is the mount point for the ntfs partition you share between both OSs.

I've found that is better to have "/mnt/media/My Dropbox" empty before telling Dropbox for Linux to store your Dropbox in/mnt/media/Dropbox.

So, if you want to save some time downloading your Dropbox, first copy the content of "/mnt/media/My Dropbox" in a dropbox-for-linux-friendly-path, like /mnt/media/temp/Dropbox.
Then set Dropbox to store your dropbox in /mnt/media/temp. It won't download anything cause all is just there.

Now you can delete everything inside "/mnt/media/My Dropbox" and finally tell Dropbox to store your Dropbox in /mnt/media.
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