How To Move Your Firefox Profile From Windows To Linux

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The following explains how to copy your Firefox profile from Windows to Linux saving time from installing and configuring most installed addons.

In Windows

  • Create a backup of your Firefox profile: Close Firefox then Archive profile folder: C:\Users\%user%\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla
  • Remove extensions not supported in Linux: In my case this included "Firefox Secrets", "Java Console" and "TextAloud Firefox Plugin"
  • In Plugins tab disable all plugins
  • Archive modified profile folder as mozilla-for-linux.rar
  • Delete modified profile folder and restore original profile folder from archive created earlier.

In Linux

  • Open Firefox and backup Default User Style: Tools / Addons / User Styles / Edit. Copy the code of the style into a file with the name of such style.
  • Backup Firefox profile folder %home%/.mozilla as firefox-linux-original.rar
  • Delete Firefox profile: everything inside %home%/.mozilla. Do not delete .mozilla folder
  • Extract mozilla-for-linux.rar in the desktop
  • Rename Extensions as extensions
  • Rename Firefox as firefox
  • Cut *.default folder from Profiles folder
  • Paste *.default folder in firefox folder
  • Delete Profiles and Crash Reports folders
  • Edit default profile path in profiles.ini: replace
    "Path=Profile/" with "Path="
  • Uninstall: moonlight-plugin-core, moonlight-plugin-mozilla and libmoon
  • Paste extensions and firefox folders into %home%/.mozilla
  • Open Firefox and restore backed up User Style
  • Reinstall: moonlight-plugin-core and moonlight-plugin-mozilla

If using Xmarks addon:

  • open about:config
  • edit extensions.xmarks.clientName with the name you want to identify this PC
  • edit extensions.xmarks.machineId with a different alphanumeric string same length
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