Windows7 RC First Looks

Since Windows XP got very slow to fully load in my laptop and anyway, I didn't like its GUI at all, I decided to give Windows7 RC a try, installing and configuring almost all the apps I had in XP. The following are my the observations I could gather in my first two days with Windows7 RC.

Now the Start Menu instant look up feature is much faster presenting results. No need to install Launchy anymore.

After the clean install W7 booted (up to the password prompt) in just 23 seconds, just one second more than it takes Ubuntu 9.04. Finally, after installing all the stuff I had in XP, boot time takes 27 seconds.

I find the Libraries view just usefull for Documents and Videos. I prefer to browse my music with MediaMonkey and pictures with ACDsee.

The Libraries view should have a direct link to the respective media folder in my user folder.

Windows Live Messenger (not installed by default) stays as an icon in the task bar and cannot be minimized to the system tray.

I don't like the shinning Windows logo; it's too fuzzy.

Some very nice wallpapers featuring cool art.

Lame selection of screensavers.

The touchpad in my Thinkpad R61 is not fully functional; have no lateral vertical scrolling.

User Accound Control pop ups are not so rude as before.

Was I tempted to switch my desktop to Windows7? No yet.