Review: Eurovision Song Contest 2009 Second Semifinal

So happy this time I could watch the high quality stream almost without interruptions :D

Croatia presented the first and loveliest song of the night; I'd like this one to win the final.

Serbia had the most groovy and dancable song, even if it's not a dance style song.

Slovakia had the most complex singin lines, the girl performed very well, but the song lacked a recognizable melody to win the people's vote.

Denmark's song was nice but had nothing outstanding.

Slovenia's tune had not much singing but it's groovy enough to deserve some good votes.

Azerbaijan, the one song I officially support, jaja... they didn't sang very well and the girl could dance a bit more. I hope they sing much better in the final. Their LCD backdrop was very nice, though.

Albania's performance sourprised me. The song had not caught my attention while listening to the album, but live I like it very much, the girl has a great voice and their act was quite bizarre, jaja.

Ukraine featured a sexy-dance-away song :)

Estonia's song was the most outstanding after Croatia's, but it's rather gloomy tone won't help it in the final.