Review: Eurovision Song Contest 2009 First Semifinal

Had to watch it in low quality due to my narrow "broadband" connection. Anyway, I had a great time and these were my impressions:

Lovebugs - the singer didn't perform as well as in the recorded version, and boy, this is very easy to sing. Anyway, he has the right voice for that song - position in my faves list: 4.

Turkey* - typical turkish dance rhythm, prety nice - the singer could be more sexy - position: 3.

Bulgaria - the most original and hard to sing song - for this occasion they added female singers with Elvira-mistress-of-Dark look, great! - the whole set up looked like medieval action figures - position: 2.

Portugal* - before watching this show I didn't particularly felt attracted by this song, but watching the whole performance set up I was amazed by the combined beauty of it all... I actually drop some tears, Gosh! It was something like a fairy tale come true - position: 1.

Sweden* - I had the Swedish Melodifestivalen final where this song finally won, and I was very pleased because that was my favorite then, but tonight it didn't impress me, for two reasons: first they added some constant female chorus which with does not fit well with Malena's singing, and second, the only-female choreography is a downgrade from the original one - position: 5.

Malta had the best singer, no doubt, but that song was completely uninteresting.

Finland presented the most lame song of the night; I could make a thouthand of those, but I would get bored just doing one.

Bosnia* and its "statuesque-monumental" performance was a nice find, sounding for moments to something from dear Vangelis - position 6.

The worst of the night was that kind of superhero act from Czech Republic; at least it was not as shamefull as last year's Spain song which got into the final!

Also pretty exciting was the drum performance by a Russian military band before the most voted songs were announced.

And of course, I liked one of Tattoos girls, the brunnette, hmmm.

So, pretty well, 4 out of my 6 favorites are good to go for the final :)