My Windows Killer Apps

Just to convince myselft that my attraction for Linux is just for the purposes of tinkering satisfaction, I've written down a list of my Windows killer aps, that is applications I use a lot in Windows which Linux just doesn't have, or which Linux alternatives just suck and will continue to suck for the forseeable future.
  1. MegaFont
  2. ACDsee Photo Manager
  3. Text Aloud
  4. Snapshot Disk Imaging
  5. Texter
  6. SyncBack
  7. Palm Desktop
  8. SplashID
  9. MediaMonkey
  10. Egg
  11. DeltaCopy
  12. Hotspot Shield
  13. Sunrise XP
  14. CDCheck
  15. Merriam-Webster
  16. MP3Tag
  17. Rapget
  18. MP3 Surgeon
  19. vanBasco's Karaoke Player
I tried to put them in order of the importance they have for me. I don't mean to introduce you to all these wonderfull apps, so I don't explain what they do or link them to their respective sites. If you want more info, you know what to do, call me or...
Next, I would like to make a similar list of my Linux killer apps. I guess that will be a lot shorter; stay tuned.