Seesmic for facebook client review

Via twhirl's twitter I got to know Seesmic for facebook client, an Adobe Air (multi platform) desktop application to stay up to date with your facebook friends status updates, and publish your own.

I have just tried it and as a preview version I must say it's promising, taking into account that it's based in twhirl, my favorite twitter client. For example, so far, you just can publish text-only status updates.

Here's my short feature wishlist for Seesmic for facebook next releases:
  • Followint twhirl naming scheme, I would rename Seesmic for facebook as facerl;
  • Replace Seesmic icon with something else more facebookish, like twhirl's icon but in blue hues;
  • Minimize to system tray;
  • Ability to publish pictures with optional captions, links and notes;
  • Ability to like and/or comment on a friend status update;
  • Ability to write on a friend's wall;
  • Show online friends (counter and list);
  • Ability to initiate a chat with a friend;
  • Ability to load our custom friend lists and use them as filters;
So far, Seesmic for facebook is welcome as a way to avoid keeping facebook opened in your browser.

On the other hand, if you prefer a multi protocol desktop client with this level of basic facebook functionality, I'd suggest trying Digsby, though that's only for Windows for the moment.