Jigdo: Scan More Than One Location

I was about to get the brand new Debian 5.0 DVD ISOs via Jigdo, so that I could avoid downloading files I already have in my three 4.0r4 ISOs and I wanted to do it as quickly as possible, so after having mounted both ISOs of my previous version as virtual drives (using MagicISO), when Jigdo asked me for jigdo files to download I used numeric wildcards to encompass the whole set:
But then I realized that using wildcards as above, makes Jigdo to enter a so called batch mode, where it only asks for a location for files to scan just once, so I could only re-use the content of one of my older ISO files. When you don't use wildcards for the jigdo file URL, Jigdo will ask you again for a location for scanning, until you have no more locations to type and you hit [enter].
Please note that I am using Jigdo for Windows, which is one minor version number older than the current version for Linux. May be this missing feature in batch mode is included in that latest version. If you know about it let us know.