How To Prevent "git clone" From Losing Connection

Trying to download the source for the Zen Linux kernel with the "git clone" command and it keeps on getting disconnected before it is finished? This happened to me, I always got disconnected when the download was about 9 to 15% complete, but I managed to download it all, finally and I think I know who's to blame for the disconnections.

First, let me remind you that "git clone" does not support resume, so if the download is interrupted, you have to start all over again.

I was using git in my Linux based laptop, so first I stopped all downloads I had running in my desktop PC, but that didn't prevent further disconnections while using "git clone".

Then, I rebooted my desktop PC into Linux and tried "git clone" from there, and guess what, the process completed smoothly without a single disconnection. So, I guess the frequent connection loses during cloning may be due to the presence of an online Windows based PC within the LAN. Somehow, Windows (Vista in my case) does not like to see someone downloading a Linux kernel source in their neighborhood?

Did you experience the same? Let us know, so we can confirm this suspicion.