Weatherbug gadget for Linux

Weatherbug is my favorite weather sidebar gadget for Windows Vista and recently I found that there is also a beta version for Linux, so I had to try it.

Actually, it looks different than the version for Windows, it does not depend on a sidebar to run; while minimized it shows the current temperature in the system tray and each part of the applet, (for example the one showing wind data), which in this case are named as buglets, can be undocked and placed anywhere in the screen, with the option to be displayed always on top, independently from the other undocked buglets.

The installation is easy, but getting it to run automatically when the desktop session starts is a bit tricky, since the program only runs with root privileges. Just follow these steps:
  1. create a script named "run-weatherbug.sh" containing the following command without the quotes: "sudo weatherbug";
  2. make the script executable;
  3. copy the script to the root directory "/root":
    sudo cp run-weatherbug.sh /root
  4. in Preferences/Sessions, add the following command to run the script at the startup of Gnome session:
    sh /root/run-weatherbug.sh

Note that if you close the applet clicking on the close button, the next time you click on its system tray icon, it will open in a different location in the screen. If you want to preserve its position click on "Change Preferences" and set the dock window to be always on top.