Hotsync Palm TX and Windows Vista via Ad-hoc Wi-Fi

Having lost 4 days trying to configure an ad-hoc connection to be able to connect to shared folders in a Linux Mint system, I decided to get a life and tried to get an ad-hoc connection with my Windows Vista desktop, and man, this was even easier than it is for Windows XP.

In Windows Vista, right click on the network icon in the system bar, select Connect to a network, and click on Set up a connection or network; then choose Set up a wireless ad hoc network. As network name type whatever you like; security type = Shared, encryption type = WEP, network security key = (here I pasted the hexadecimal key I use for the ad-hoc connection in Windows XP, but I guess you can make up one yourself), then choose "Save this connection" and this time will automatically activate this connection.

In the Palm TX, create a connection with the same ID, and encryption data, choose peer-to-peer connection, channel = 11, and then enter network addresses manually --copy these values from the desktop connection status window, except for the IP address, which you can just increment the last digit by one, for example.

Click connect to this new network in the palm; if all the wireless signal lit up in the status bar indicator, you are connected to the ad-hoc network. Now try to hotsync wirelessly directly to your desktop connecting to its network IP.

Later, when you are connected to your regular internet connection, you can switch temporarily to the ad-hoc connection very easily, just right click on the network icon in the task bar, select Connect to a Network, choose the ad-hoc network from the list and click Connect.

As you may have read before in this blog, in Windows XP, for the ad-hoc network to work you have to first disconnect from your internet connection; there's no automatic switching.