Direct Palm-to-PC Wi-Fi Hotsync

May be I am unconsciously determined not to buy a bluetooth adapter for my laptop or desktop computer, the truth is that now I can finally say I don't really need a bluetooth dongle any more, since I learned by myself how to hotsynch my Palm TX with my desktop via Wi-Fi directly, without passing through the wireless router, so now I can synch them anywhere, not just within my LAN.

Let me explain first how I set up my laptop, which runs Windows XP with the latest updates.
  1. Right click in the network connection icon in the system tray and select View Available Wireless Networks;
  2. At the left panel, below Network Tasks, select Configure a Homa or Small Office Wireless Network to open the wizard for the configuration of wireless network;
  3. Click Next and select Configure a New Wireless Network;
  4. Enter a name for the network, like HSK and select the option to have a password for the network assigned automatically;
  5. At the next screen select Configure a Network Manually, click next and click on Print the Network Configuration;
  6. Copy the network password string; you will need to enter this later when configuring the Palm;
  7. Now right click in the network connection icon in the system tray and select Open Network Connections;
  8. Right click on the wireless connection and select to view its properties;
  9. Click on the Wireless Networks tab and delete the connection you have just created from the Prefered Networks list;
  10. Now click on Add to set up a new prefered network;
  11. Enter a name for the connection (may be the same name used for the connection you have just removed);
  12. Select Connect Even when the Network is not Broadcasting;
  13. Network authentication = Open; Data encryption = WEP;
  14. For Network password paste the password saved from the connection removed;
  15. And the most important option to select, at the bottom of this windows: this is an ad hoc network which does not use a wireless access point;
  16. Finally click on the Connection tab and ensure that automatic connection is disabled.
Now is the turn to configure the Palm:
  1. Go to Preferences > Communication > Wi-Fi > Setup > Edit > Add;
  2. Enter the same Network ID used during the desktop configuration;
  3. Select WEP security and copy the network password;
  4. Select Details and choose Connect to "Peer-to-Peer (ad-hoc)" and use channel 11, or the channel your particular wireless network adapter uses for ad-hoc connections --you can check that in Open Network Connections > Wireless Connection Properties > General tab, Connect using > Configure > Advanced tab > Property > Ad-hoc channel.
  5. Finally, select Advanced and manually enter the IP address and the other values in that window; here you just have to enter the same values used by the internet connection in your desktop PC, except for the IP address, which you can simply increment in one that one assigned to your desktop, eg. becomes
Setup is complete in both devices; now to proceed to hotsync your Palm and desktop directly via Wi-Fi, follow these steps:
  1. Right click in the network connection icon in the system tray and select View Available Wireless Networks;
  2. Temporarily disconnect from your Internet wireless connection, since you will need the interface to connect to your Palm;
  3. Select the connection just created and click the Connect button at the bottom right of the window;
  4. Now, tap on the Wi-Fi icon in your Palm's status bar, activate the Wi-Fi radio and select the network you just created having the same name as the one being waiting to ceive a connection in your desktop;
  5. Click on Connect and when the connection is stablished, open the Hotsync application;
  6. Select Network hotsync option and from the dropdown list select the LAN IP of your desktop or its host name, or Select PC and see if the Palm can find the laptop, or else enter its LAN IP manually;
  7. Finally click the Hotsync button and hotsynched you go.
Once the hotsync is complete, disconnecting your laptop from the ad hoc wireless network will automatically deactivate the connection in the desktop, and then you are able to use your Internet connection again.
So, yeah, I am happy that I eventually saved some money instead of buying a bluetooth dongle, and even more happy that I have learn all those cool synchronization schemes I've been posting about. I hope this help you, too.