Tangerine Password Query

I had set up Tangerine DAAP server in a Windows Vista PC not to ask for password when accesing the music share from another PC, that's why I was puzzled when yesterday, after playing some music from the share from a laptop using Rhythmbox and Exaile, I was asked for a share password when I tried to access the DAAP server again. What password? No one would do.

First, I thought it was some problem with Gnome keyring, so I logged out. Nope. Then I rebooted... nope; Tangerine wanted a password.

So, as lazy as I am, instead of slipping out of bed to restart Tangerine in the desktop PC, I clicked on a desktop icon and fired my preconfigured remote desktop connection and logged into my desktop Windows Vista account. There, upon hovering over Tangerine icon in the system tray I could see the problem: Tangerine reported as being serving two users, which is the maximum number of concurrent users I had set up. So asking for a password is Tangerine's way to say "get lost!".

To solve the problem, but not its cause, I just restarted Tangerine remotely. I couldn't tell which side is to blame for this issue: if the player's DAAP plugins failing to log out from the server, or the server failing to recognize a log out event.

Anyway, now I know the cause and how to solve it from bed, that's enough for me ;-)