Register Music Free and Fast

I will show you how to register your music for free and fast, without having to upload your songs anywhere.

I have my albums published under the artistic name AzulmArinO in Jamendo, so when I found SafeCreative, a site where you can register music (or any other digital file) for free, I grumble at the idea of having to upload every song again --my upload speed is slow at 192kbps.

So, while I was taking a short nap I saw the light: instead of registering every song again and uploading their mp3 files, I could accomplish the same legal protection if I uploaded a text file containing the MD5 hash value of a copy of the song, which I intend to keep unmodified to validate its registration if and when I need to.

It's like uploading and registering the song fingerfrint instead of an actual audio copy. You can click on this album's SafeCreative rights info banner under the credits section and see how I have implemented this idea.

The easiest tool I know of to calculate MD5 hash values of many files at a time and output them directly into a text file is HashOnClick. Of course I have added some relevant information to this text file as you will see in the example I linked above.

My suggestion is that before calculating the hash values of your files, you should properly tag them, given that you will have to keep them unedited to be able to produce the same hash value later. To tag the files I use Mp3tag, which also allows me to easily embed a cover art image by just drag and drop.

So, basically, this way you are stating that at the date of registration, you had a music file which MD5 hash value corresponds to the one registered. If someone later asks you for a proof, all you have to do is show how your file produces such hash value, and eventually, play back the file to show we are talking about the same piece of music.