Linksys WRT54GL and OpenDNS

The instructions to set up a Linksys WRT54GL router to use OpenDNS servers are simple:
  1. open your router config page
  2. go to Setup and type the following static DNS addresses:
  3. click the Save settings button.
That, in theory is enough, your router will restablish the connection and use OpenDNS serveres. But, it won't, as you can check going to this page and clicking on the Continue button; OpenDNS will reply that you are not using their DNS servers yet.

The trick is you have to actually shut the router down for a couple of seconds. Just then, when it starts again, it will use OpenDNS servers you set up.

WARNING: using OpenDNS servers will prevent you from accesing Windows shares from a Linux machine using Samba. I don't know how solve that yet.