How To: Auto Sync SplashID

I use SplashID password manager in my desktop (Windows Vista), laptop (Windows XP) and Palm TX, to keep track of my numerous login data and other keywords. Synching SplashID database between Windows and the TX is a snap, but I also wanted an automatic way to synchronize the database between Vista and XP within the local network. I finally managed to do that via the Windows offline files feature; the secret is to perform the configuration in the right order, as follows (prerequisite: you must be able to access the SplashID database folder in your desktop from your laptop; it's a hidden folder located in [path-to-your-user-account]\Documents\SplashData\SplashID):
  1. Install SplashID in Vista (desktop) and XP (laptop);
  2. In desktop: copy SplashID database and backup folders into an archive and delete them;
  3. In laptop: point SplashID database and backup folders to the remote desktop locations, close SplashID ;
  4. In desktop: extract the archive created in step 2;
  5. In laptop: set remote desktop SplashID database file to be available offline;
  6. In laptop: open SplashID as normal.

Note: if you leave SplashID opened in the desktop and modify the database in the laptop, a synchronization warning will appear asking you which version to preserve in both computers.