Auto Start Firefly Media Server

I have installed Firefly Media Server in Windows Vista and set it to start when Windows starts, but even if Firefly icon showed up in the system tray, the server (which is known as Firefly Media Server service) didn't start automatically and I had to go into the configuration windows and start it manually.

I could solve this by delaying Firefly service startup, thus giving time for the Bonjour service it depends on fully load before Firefly service attempts to detect if that service is already running.

To change the way Firefly service starts go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services; right click on Firefly Media Server service; select Properties and set the startup type parameter as Automatic (Delayed Start); click Apply and reboot.

Firefly service will then take some time to start, because it has to scan your libraty, but now it will start automatically everytime Windows starts.