HowTo: Play Octoshape Video Stream

I was trying to stream and watch the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 semi-finals from here, and couldn't make Firefox nor Internet Explorer to play the streams after succesfully installing the Ochoshape plug-in. Thanksfully, I eventually figured out the way to play the stream, as follows:
  1. Open one of the pages which show an embed player to play a semi-final
  2. Show the page source code. In Internet Explorer type the ALT key to show the menu and go to View -> Source.
  3. Look in the page source for the octoshape url like this octoshape://ond.octoshape.com/ESC/ESC_semi1_700
  4. Copy that url and paste it in the browser location bar and hit enter
  5. Windows Media Player will open and start streaming

I hope this tip was useful for you all music fans. Enjoy!