HowTo: Fend Buggy Palm Desktop for Windows Vista

Yes, Palm Desktop for Windows Vista is, after all is said and done, better than the previous version but, appart from a couple of missing features (the option to change the color scheme of the interface and categorize calendar events) there is a serious bug in the calendar which causes the application to crash whenever you try to access some event details, so from the desktop, the only thing you can do in the calendar, apart from deleting events, is to create simple events set to default options.

Thanksfully, there is an "obvious" workaround for this crash, whenever you want to edit some event, or create one with custom options, do it from your handheld device, then update Palm desktop calendar via hotsync.

I wonder if this crash bug is something intentionally placed to discourage use of the applications by people who does not own a Palm device yet.