Safe Windows Updates

I finally got a chance to use Snapshot for real after my PC crashed after it had partially installed a set of Windows Vista Updates and Windows just refused to boot in anyway possible.

Before I gave Windows Update the okay to download and install the updates, I had just previously used Snapshot to create a copy of my Windows partition, just in case. Thanks god I have already learned to use Snapshot and had a reference of its restore commands annotated in my Palm TX.

It's fair to say that the crash was not caused by the update process. Once in a while, like today, my computer just freezes out and all I can do is reboot.

After trying every available boot option offered by Windows in vain --Windows just didn't boot-- I connected a bootable USB flash drive, where I had previously copied the Snapshot executable, and booted into it.

Since I have two hard drives installed, first I used the comand "spanshot show hd1" to check the number they were recognized with.

Later, I switched along drive letters and used the dir command to locate the partition where the Windows partition image files were saved.

Finally, I switched back to the bootable drive letter and typed the restore command: snapshot retore hd1 auto f:\VISTA.sna -Y -V. Waited a few minutes for the restore and verification to complete and booted back to Windows Vista.

So now I know Snapshot works just fine. It will be my insurance ticket when the time comes to install the upcoming Windows Vista service pack ;-)