Backup and Sync your Media

You know, some memory cards tend to get corrupted and left you with a cold "No card found" message your gadget's display. Then only way out of that is to reformat your memory card using a card reader; that's easy and fast... provided you have previously back up your card's content so you don't loose nothing, not even much time finding and pouring the content back into the card again.

The first time you want to load your favorite tunes in your card you do it manually, but first, while you choose the tunes, you better copy all of them into a folder in your hard drive, so later you transfer them to the card alltogether by mounting the card through a USB cable.

Then, you can go along copying new songs into the card directly and sync tham back to a location in your PC automatically by using a handy free software by Microsoft called SyncToy. That way, you have no excuse to be lazy about backing up your media any more.