WMP Random Auto Playlists HowTo

Let's say you want Windows Media Player 11 to automatically generate a new randomized 12 track playlist featuring only songs you have rated at least with four stars evert everytime you open such playlist in the Library window. These are the steps:
  1. click WMP Library tab
  2. right click on Playlists
  3. click Create Auto Playlist
  4. add a criteria that includes songs based on My rating
  5. click to add another criteria, scroll to the bottom of the drop down list and click More...
  6. click Randomize playback order
  7. apply a restriction criteria to limit the number of playlist items to 12
There's another way WMP can generate an auto playlist without actually programming a playlist beforehand. Just follow these steps:
  1. click WMP Library tab
  2. click on More Options
  3. click the Privacy tab
  4. uncheck Histoty/Save file and URL history in the Player
  5. clear History and Caches
  6. click OK
  7. click WMP Now Playing
  8. clear the playlist if it has some items
  9. click Play button

In this case WMP generates a long playlist based in many criteria: your ratings, play count, etc.