Your FM Anywhere

Looking for info on Blue 4 U, a Spanish pop music group, I found the site Bubblegum Dancer, which has a complete reference index on most artists and groups doing this light europop dance genre known as bubblegun dance. Frankly I haven't heard this genre name before, but I guess it fits the mood somehow... hey even my all time favorite French singer Kim 'Kay has a page there!

One interesting extra featured by the site is a link to a radio station featuring a selection of bubblegum dance songs hosted by Anywhere.FM, a flash based site where you can upload your mp3 music into your account and share it with the world via on-line streaming. Quite interesting as a cool and easy way to showcase your current favorite tunes with your blog readers and friends.

May be I upload some tunes from the artists featured in my Playlist Favorites and place the link at the bottom of the list for you to listen to. Stay tuned!