Yeah! Finally Steps has scaled to the top of my favorite music chart. Though the group disbanded in 2002, I have just come to know about them recently, when a message in the Sunscreem Yahoo group gave a link to a video of their cover of Sunscreem's Love U More, which turns out to be their worst cover afaik. But, anyway, I'm glad I gave them another opportunity by checking more of their videos... the second one I watched was a live performance of Last Thing In My Mind, which I really liked... and then, after more videos watched and mp3s downloaded, here there are songs like A Deeper Shade Of Blue now the one I like the most, the music and also the video, specially the parts that show Lisa Scot-Lee as a bluish read head, waw! Needless to say, Lisa is my favorite Step-girl, and she was born in November 5th... a Scorpion like me, born in November 4th! It's a pity I don't like the music she has released so far as a solo artist.