My First Video Chat

So today, I found Cata was online at the ciber, so while we engaged in our usual light chat I felt compeled to click on her webcam button. As soon as she accepted my video request I could see her live for the first time. Oh my god! She looked beautiful and reminds me of Lisa Hayes, one of Robotech series main characters.

She can't touch type so she rather moves constantly while typing and reading several chat windows, and when she looks directly to the camera... I fall in love with that look, even if the image is not sharp --my downstream meter marks less than 4 kbps.

Actually she looked much more beautiful filmed by that webcam than as seen in most of the pictures she has posted in her Live Spaces page, and that's quite a feat! It's a pitty that MSN hasn't an option to capture stills or even better, record the whole video session. Anyway, my memory has made a special place for this my first webcam chat.

Now I am considering buying a webcam myself, so I can engage in mutual video chats. Actually, I was already considering a webcam with a built-in mic, since now some potencial employers are asking for applicants to have skype accounts, and I don't like the idea of using any headset.

Anyway, wow, Cata looked lovely!