Instant Contact Lens Application Tips

A week ago I ordered my first ever pair of color contact lenses and the optician lent me one graduated clear contact lens to practice application and removal while I wait for them to be ready. So I've been practicing A+R and cleaning procedures everyday, once or twice for each eye.

Today, I was able apply the lens at once in each eye, which also resulted in almost no eye discomfort caused by particles and lint gathered while handling the lens between failed attempts. I still had to use a mirror but I guess today I learnt to control my blinking reflexes and take it slowly.

The secret is to look straight to the incoming lens and slowly approach the index finger holding the lens in its tip to the center of the eye. Try to convince the eyelids that the incoming object poses no danger so they won't fight hard to get free from the fingers holding them to be able to blink. Stop your index finger cold as soon as you feel the lens touches and "sticks" to the eye, then slowly remove your finger, gradually release your lids, blink and move your eyes around to help the lens self-center.

As for removing the lens, I can do it without looking at the mirror and find it easier to slide the lens towards my temple than down after looking up, but this could change once I get my lenses since they are a bit less flexible than this clear one I am training with.

I also hope the color pattern will help me to locate the lens up close and manoeuver the approaching finger without the help of a mirror.