How To Download Videos from Channelchooser

I've found some great videos in Channelchooser, specially in the Hot TV - Oiled channel in the Adult TV section. Ovbiously, I came across a video I wanted to download, so I started to figure how to.

The first to note is that the channels (at least the Hot TV - Oiled one) plays a random video everytime you click on it, and there is no way to get direct access to the URL of the video being streamed. To get this URL I used WM Recorder, which captures the URL of the streaming video.

Then I had to keep clicking on the channel link until by random selection I came across the video I had seen and wanted to download again. Meanwhile I copied some URLs of other videos I will download later.

I first tried to download my first video directly with WM Recorder but after the download process reached 100% it started to download another instance of it automatically. So I tried to download another video using HiDownload, which correctly stoped downloading after reaching 100%.

Finally, I opened the folder where the video was downloaded and tried to play it with Windows Media Player and Zoom Player, but the video playback looked corrupted. I started to fear that somehow the video was intentionally corrupted by the server to prevent offline viewing when I decided to try with Media Player Classic, which thanksfully played the video right.

UPDATE: The safest way to warrant that Media Player Classic has the latest codecs to play these videos properly is to install the latest K-Lite Codec Pack Standard release, which itself includes and installs the latest version of Media Player Classic.

An easier way to get back to play the video you want to download and have WM Recorder capture its URL is the following:
  1. After the video you want to download had played all along, the channel will start streaming another video automatically. If your wanted video has not yet played it through, click the embedded video player's forward or back arrow to launch another video.
  2. Delete your web browser's cache. In Firefox go to Tools > Clear Private Data and check only "Cache".
  3. Open WM Recorder and wait for it to initialize completely.
  4. Use the corresponding embedded player arrow key to play back the video you want to save; as the player requests the video file, WM Recorder will capture its URL and you can then hit Record