BWO - Fabricator - Album Review

I've been listening to all previous BWO albums, so I can tell Fabricator, their latest album, just released yesterday in Sweeden, their home country, is the one I like the least. From its 16 tracks, only 4 of them have won my heart, the rest is just "transparent".

The songs I really like from Fabricator are (in the order they are laid out in the album because I like them both so much I can't order them by preference):

3 - Let It Rain - The happiest song of them all. It has a really nice pounding rhythm. Ideal for party time. The video clip is very cool too.
4 - The Destiny Of Love - This is the slow track, for dancing with your partner :)
9 - Save My Pride - This is the smash hit power single. Very danceable, with a cool laser effects stuffed video clip. Though it is not really a new song if you follow band leader Alexandar Baard previoius musical projects; he recorded this song with Alcazar, which version is faster, has more voices and I rather say is as good as this one, it just has a more conventional, less "shinny" arrangement.
16 - The Destiny Of Love - Another happy song for a happy end of the album.

As runner-ups I should mention the following tracks:
1 - Last Flight To San Francisco
15 - Save My Pride (the Attic Remix)

Finally, though not their best, I'm still happy with this album. I could be even happier if it included the videos for Save My Pride and Let It Rain. May be later in a deluxe version?