How To Avoid Fake Torrents

How many times you have had your computer take some hours downloading a torrent just to later be disapointed when you finally play that movie file and it turns out to be not the one the torrent title promised but any other stupid movie? Well, that's a fake torrent, or torrent spam if you want to call it that way. Thanksfully, there's a way to prevent getting into downloading this kind of crap.
Some bitorrent indexes/trackers offer the possibility to leave a comment in each torrent page, but in other popular services like isoHunt you have to look for fake torrent reports in its forums. The following are the steps required to check if the torrent you found in isoHunt is reported as fake or corrupted by other users:
  1. In the search result page, click the torrent title to display a drop down box containing the torrent details.
  2. If you have previously post more than three times in isoHunt forum you will be able to report a fake torrent by its permalink, which is located in bold face in the lower right of the torrent details box. Else, just copy the complete torrent title.
  3. In the top right of the page you will find the link to isoHunt forum, to which you will have to register if you are not before being able use the forum.
  4. Go to the Files Chat forum and open the sticky subject titled FAKE, INFECTED, OR BAD TORRENT REPORTS Non Isohunt Releases
  5. So now you know where fake/corrupted torrent are reported. Contribute to the community by reporting fake/corrupt torrent whenever you found one.
  6. To look directly if the torrent you found is reported without having to scan all the subject's replies, go to the forum search page, which link is the first located in the light blue menu below isoHunt's torrent search box.
  7. Paste the torrent complete title/permalink as your search query. In your search options select the Files Chat forum and display results as posts
If you've found a torrent with the nickname "aXXo" in its title, you can check if it is an original release by aXXo by looking at his ofitial torrent release list. If it's not there look for it in the fake torrent conversation and eventualy make your report.

A good practice to make it easier to comment or report on fake/corrupted torrents is to bookmark the torrent details page or permalink before you start the download, so you don't have to look for it again if you need it in the future.

And remember, be good and keep your complete torrent seeding; specially the ones you liked more :)