Howto Remove a Visualization in Windows Media Player 11

Somehow the [remove] button in Windows Media Player 11 is disabled when you select an item from your list of installed visualizations, so there is no one-click way to remove visualizations in this version of the player.

Anyway the manual way to remove a visualization is easy, once you know how to do it. Let me show you the way:

First go to this folder "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player" and select the folder named Visualizations. Now, while holding the shift key pressed, right click on the folder named Visualizations and from the context menu select the option "Open Commnand Window Here".

Open the folder named Visualizations in Explorer; there you will see the dll files corresponding to the visualizations you want to remove among others you may want to conserve. Note that the visualizations built-into the player do not have dll files in this folder.

Once you know which dll correspond to the visualization you want to remove, return to the command window and unregister the dll file with this command:

regsvr32 /u "name of the file.dll"

Note that the quotes are only necessary of the dll file name contains spaces.

Now you can delete the dll file you unregistered.

Finally, open Windows Media Player and check the if the Visualization list is now as you like it.