How To Download ASX Videos From VideoArab

VideoArab.com is a great site including many great Arab music videos playable through streaming by Windows Media Player. The site features a "How to download" link but the linked page was (intentionally?) deleted. Lukily, I found that it is not complicated the steps required to download a video; actually it is easier than many tutorials around the web show. Let me share this technique with you.

First, I recommend to browse VideoArab with Internet Explorer because Mozilla Firefox has problems passing the streaming link to Windows Media Player.

Once you find the video you want to download, click the [play] button in the webpage and let Windows Media Player start to play it a few second; then you can pause it.

In Windows Media Player click on File -> Properties; a dialog box will pop up. Select the location link (the one that ends with the .asx extension) and copy that to the clipboard.

Open your download manager (I use Free Download Manager), and use it to download the asx file.

Open the asx file, look for a URL ending with ".wmv" and copy that to the clipboard without the enclosing quotes.

Finally let your download manager download that file and enjoy your arab video :)