Why I won't buy a Nokia N95

  1. I don't like the headphones included in the box
  2. I don't like the location for the headphone jack input
  3. I don't need those battery draining stereo speakers
  4. I don't need the GPS feature
  5. The flash is comprised by a single LED
  6. The flash cannot be used as a flashlight
  7. The photo camera takes too long to initialize
  8. For each picture you take, the photo camera generates several hidden smaller auxiliary versions/thumbnails, which are not deleted when you delete the corresponding picture
  9. Nobody needs those big player buttons; they are just there to justify the double slider feature and make the device more "atractive"/expensive.
  10. The LCD screen is not protected by an upper cristal as in the Sony Ericsson W810 and many other phones.
  11. The phone cannot be charged through the USB cable.
  12. It has mediocre battery efficiency.
  13. The slider mechanism has slight but annoying manufacturing defects as shown by many users in Youtube.
  14. The media browser UI is garbage.
  15. The audio player does not automatically display album art.
  16. Who needs audio visualizations in this kind of device?
  17. Some users report to hear background low hiss through their headphones when during quiet music passages, just like I do in my Palm TX.
  18. The slider should slide up by the touch of a side button instead of having to use your thumb all the way up until it "clocks".
  19. The installed S60 3rd Edition OS is not upgradable to the upcoming Feature Pack 2
  20. The infrared transceiver is located in the left side, the one that faces you when you use the phone in widescrean mode, so it is the least efficient position to use the phone as a remote control if you happen to install some programable remote control software. If you use the phone in portrait mode as a remote control, you would have to twist your wrist 90º to point to your target with the left side of the phone, or if using the N95 in widescreen mode, you will have to cope with viewing the screen upside-down!
  21. And the most horrendous characteristic of this "smartphone" is that it does not include a simple timer not even a stopwatch preinstalled... what a shame Nokia.