Opera Mini Review

Here I present my brief review of Opera Mini 2 web browser for cellphones.

I have a Sony Ericsson W810i cellphone, and I prefer to use Opera Mini most of the time instead of the pre-installed Netfront browser, which can save pages in mhtml format for biewing later at your desktop PC, but ironically, can't completely load most webpages you would like to save, due to its limited operating memory.

+ It's free
+ Left and right curson buttons function as page-up, page-down
+ Automatically searchs for update at startup in the background
+ Can download images in original and other preset sizes created by the Opera proxy server.
+ Can zoom into parts of large images sliced up by the Opera proxy server.
+ Can download zip, mp4, mpg files
+ Application and Download window can be minimized
+ Shortcuts to switch full screen display and page forward
+ Four optional skins pre-installed.

+ Does not save pages
+ Text in pages is not selectable
+ No Flash support
+ Just one download at a time
+ Bookmarks cannot be organized by folders or easily ordered. They are stored internally, so they are not accesible from the memory file system.

Inline pictures present a double selection mechanism. First selection surrounds the picture with a blue square and enables access to the picture link attribute if present. Double selection surrounds the picture with a red square and shows the image dimensions in the lower right corner and enable the saving of this picture.