Flurry the Quickest

So far, the quickest way I know to check POP or IMAP based email accounts' inboxes from a Java ME enabled phone is using Flurry from www.flurrymail.com. This quick, no frills midlet will let you check any POP3 or IMAP4 based email account including Gmail if configured properly, and also doubles as a limited RSS reader.

I tried Flurry with my Gmail account, and it delivers some unique and very useful functions such as the possibility to filter your inbox message list in realtime by just typing text that matches senders names.

I have my Gmail POP access set up to leave messages in my Gmail account inbox, regardless if I delete them in a third party email client as Flurry, so I can take advantage the possibity that this midlets offers to tidy my inbox by selecting all messages and clearing the list for future new messages to be clearly identified.

The RSS reader functionality is limited to the small selection of channels you can subscribe to from your Flurry accont page. There's a quick toggle to list email and RSS messages together.

The midlet also has a PhotoMail feature that in theory allows you to take picture and send send it by mail, but in my Sony Ericsson W810, this feature crashes the phone just after I press the shutter and the program suposedly tries to handle the shot.

Flurry offer email notification through SMS but I have disabled this feature right from the start since my phone operator will charge me for every SMS I receive, because I do not have an SMS messaging plan, just a flat fee EDGE internet access.