How to Avoid Deformed Tattoos on Chest

If you hapen to switch from female shape to male shape or vice versa and the tattoo on your chest appears deformed, there is a fix for that so it looks good.

Every time you switch from female to male shape or vice versa and later want to use a tattoo on your chest and prevent it from looking deformed, please follow these steps:

1 - Restart your Second Life viewer and if the tattoo on your chest still looks deformed do the following:
2 - Reset default (target sex) avatar. Go to Avatar menu > Avatar Health > Reset Default (target sex) Avatar...
3 - Finally wear your (target sex) outfit and your tattoo.


Empanadas caras en Mercopan

En Mercopan cada empanada sale $36, y tienen más que nada forma de bollos, mientras que en la rotisserie del Revoltijo realmente tienen forma de empanadas, hay más variedad de rellenos y cada una sale $28, con lo que podes comprar cuatro casi por el mis o precio de lo que te saldrían solo tres en el otro comercio.


How to enter banned regions

Sometimes you try to teleport to some region and the viewer pops up with some "you are banned from this region" or "the region you requested is not available". It may be that you are banned or the region is not available at the moment, but sometimes it is just that to enter that particular region you need to activate the corresponding group tag. An example of this is Dura Dura sim, which requires **DURA** group tag to be active to be able to teleport there.